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Common Types of Door Closers

Today door closers are used in majority of commercial buildings. Door closers are required for fire-rated doors to help prevent the spread of smoke by keeping the door closed. In this article we will cover the basic mounting options and the most common types of closers in the industry.

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Best Tools For Door Technicians To Carry At All Times

Here at the Door Controls training center we have spent years training technicians from all over the USA and all over walk of life. With this and our tech support we have learned a lot from each technician in the field. We’ve learned so much to make a technicians job easier. Technicians are the core of this industry, and they mean a lot to use! We have come up with a couple of kits and tools using the technicians valued feedback to make their jobs a bit easier.

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Enhancing Security and Convenience: The Role of Access Controls and Electrified Hardware

Access controls and electrified hardware have become indispensable tools in modern security systems. By implementing these technologies, organizations can effectively manage access, mitigate security risks, and ensure the safety of personnel and assets.

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ADA is crucial legislation that ensures accessibility for people with disabilities, promoting equal rights and opportunities. In this article, we'll explore the essentials of ADA compliance in the context of doors and showcase various accessories that play a vital role in making your doors accessible to all. Let's discover innovative solutions that enable accessibility for everyone.

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In this comprehensive discussion, we will explore the world of automatic door sensors, shedding light on their various types, safety considerations, and their pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and secure experience for all.

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Enhancing Safety: Anti-Ligature Hardware for Doors

In healthcare and institutional settings, safety is paramount. It extends beyond medical treatments and care to encompass the physical environment itself. One critical aspect of ensuring safety in these environments is the use of anti-ligature hardware for doors. In this article, we'll delve into what anti-ligature hardware is, its importance, and its applications.

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Closing the Gap: How Door Sweeps Enhance business Comfort and Efficiency

Door sweeps are weatherproofing and sealing devices typically installed at the bottom of doors, where they create a tight seal between the door and the floor or threshold. Their primary purpose is to prevent drafts, insects, moisture, dust, and debris from entering or exiting a building through the gap beneath a door.

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Commercial door exit device

Understanding Exit Devices: A Comprehensive Guide

Exit devices play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of buildings by providing a quick and unobstructed means of egress

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Commercial Door Hardware

Elevate Security and Style: With Premium Door Hardware

the security and functionality of entryways are paramount. A business's first line of defense lies in its doors, and the key to ensuring optimal protection is investing in high-quality door hardware. From robust mortise locks to dependable closers, the choice of hardware can significantly impact a business's security and overall functionality.

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School doors

School & University Door Maintenance

In schools and universities, various door-related items may require replacement due to wear and tear or changing safety regulations. Doors themselves, being frequently used and subjected to constant movement, may suffer from deterioration in their structural integrity, hinges, and frames.

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Hollow Metal Doors

All About Commercial hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors and frames are common components used in commercial and industrial construction for their durability, security, and fire-resistant properties.

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