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Door Controls USA's Innovative Approach to Automatic Door Components


At Door Controls USA, we define the "Core" of the automatic door as Operators, Motors, Gearboxes and Controls that have gone bad and need to be replaced. These components undergo meticulous refurbishment to achieve a like-new condition. The remanufacturing process not only restores these cores but also delivers significant time and cost savings for you our customer compared to acquiring new parts. Our commitment to efficiency is further exemplified by the ready-to-ship, in-stock inventory, ensuring prompt and reliable service for these essential core items.


How It Works

When you purchase a rebuilt part from Door Controls USA, you commit to returning the core within 90 days from the ship date. Shipping return labels are provided at no cost to you simplifying the return process. Regular Core Due Lists are emailed to customers and are available online, and cores not returned by the due date are billed to your account at the list price. If the exact same product cannot be returned for some reason, please contact our core department to negotiate a substitution of some other product or products of equivalent value.

Past Due Cores

Cores that have not been returned within the 90 day timeframe, become "Past Due Cores," and may be invoiced to your account. Options to resolve past due cores are; You may still return the core, pay the invoice, or contact the core returns department for assistance with a possible trade. Once the core is received, we credit the past-due core charge invoice back to your account.

Easy Navigation

Customers can find their Core Due List in their customer dashboard or use the link provided. Every part sold is accompanied by a core return form and shipping label. In case of a missing label, contact the Core Returns Department at corereturns@doorcontrolsusa.com or generate one from the link below. For more details on how to return a Core, click the "How to return a Core" button.

Core Purchase Program

Selling Your Cores

We are always looking to make sure that we have all the parts on hand that you need to provide immediate service to your customers. Door Controls USA offers a Core Purchase Credit Program, buying various components you have on hand from most manufacturers to rebuild and restock our inventory. If the core is being returned for Core Purchase Credit, ensure the correct column is marked on the Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form below.

Current Core Values

Curious about the current value of core components? Check our most recent Core Purchase Price List for accurate and up-to-date information. This list includes Hot and Super Hot Cores. Super Hot Cores are highlighted for easy identification.

Hot Cores

During periods of low inventory and high demand, we publish a Hot Core list. These items are the focal point of our remanufacturing process, ensuring we meet customer needs promptly. Some parts are deemed "Super Hot" and are highlighted in the Core Price List below. Super Hot Cores are in greater demand than Hot Cores. Visit our Hot Core page for more information.

Core FAQ