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DC Slide Automatic Sliding Door System

Our automatic sliding door merges advanced technology with cutting-edge engineering to provide the safest, most reliable, and highest performing door systems in the industry.


The DC Slide fits in every application from high-traffic retail locations to upscale professional and institutional settings. These automatic sliding doors will accommodate your patrons in any industry, such as healthcare, retail, hospitality, municipal, and distribution warehouse.

  • Fully compliant for speed, force, and time delay requirements of ANSI A156.10
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fast Shipping
  • 1-year warranty
  • UL Certified

Available Configurations

Full Breakout - Overhead Concealed

SO-SX LH Single Slide | SX-SO RH Single Slide | SO-SX-SX-SO BiPart

Fixed Sidelite - Overhead Concealed

O-SX LH Single Slide | SX-O RH Single Slide | O-SX-SX-O BiPart

Surface Applied

P-SX LH Single Slide | SX-P RH Single Slide | P-SX-SX-P BiPart


Header Size

8" (203mm) high x 6" (152mm) deep

Typical Height

7'-8" (2.3m)

Typical Width

Single Slide: 7' to 9' (2.1m to 2.7m)

Bi-Part: 10' to 14' (3m to 4.2m)

Typical Door Panel Weight

Up to 220 pounds each (100kg)

Drive Train

Molded brushed DC One Motor with gear reduction assembly


Microprocessor controller


Microwave Doppler radar for motion; and active infrared with background analysis for presence


SX panel on the fixed sidelite, SX and SO panels on the full breakout

Power Input

120 VAC, Single Phase

Power Consumption

150W Max

Code Compliance

ANSI A156.10, UL 325

Operating Environment

-4F to 158F (-20C to +70C) 30% to 85% relative humidity

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