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Production Line Bench Testing

Production-Line Bench Testing

Door Controls USA continually tests every product that goes to the customer. Bench testing is completed throughout the production line, and also after the product has been manufactured and assembled.

Different departments such as the Core Department, Rebuild, Electronics and Small Parts each analyze the product through trial runs that measure and determine several possible failures (temperature, noise, full opening, etc.) to confirm that the product is fully functional. Standard repetitions of cycles are an average of 500 oscillations. During 2016, the Electronics Department produced 44,854 controls and the Rebuild Department produced 42, 751 operators that were cyclic bench tested. This return prevention is standard on all products and reduces the need for warranty returns.

These departments come together weekly for meetings and discuss various problems and solutions to issues that some products may incur. Communication between these departments that share information from testing and from customers is a great way of making improvements and passing this benefit to our customers through great-quality products and through our technical support.