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Door Controls USA Welcomed Cody Ellis To Our Facility with BEA.

Ben Wheeler, Texas (January 31, 2020) – Door Controls USA welcomed Cody Ellis to our facility. Cody is a 19-year-old door enthusiast that has been fascinated with doors since he was a toddler. He makes several movies and posts them to his YouTube channel every chance he gets. We were so thrilled that we found someone that loves and enjoys doors as much as we do. With the help of BEA, we were able to bring Cody to Ben Wheeler, Texas to show him how much we love doors too.

We had the opportunity to take Cody on a tour of our facility and showed him the remanufacturing process and the many different departments we have here. His excitement for doors was shown immediately when he started videoing almost every automatic door he walked through.

When he entered our Quality Control department where we have controls tested on over 60 doors, it blew his mind! We were so thrilled over his excitement/speechlessness that we were eager to take him upstairs to see MORE doors.

Door Controls USA and BEA were shocked at Cody’s knowledge of doors. He could tell you which stores carried which brand of doors. We really enjoyed hearing his knowledge of doors and spending the day with him.

To see some of Cody’s videos from his tour subscribe to Cody Walmart on YouTube. Not only will you see videos from our facility, but you will also see the vast library of door videos he has.