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Don't Forget the Safety Sensors

Installing an automatic swing door is no easy task. Each door presents a unique set of challenges that must be met to ensure a successful installation. The last thing an installer wants after a long install is to experience difficulty when setting up the required safety sensors.

The LZR-MICROSCAN T from BEA was designed to be set up and installed as easily as possible while meeting the necessary safety standards required by the ANSI 156.10 standards. The MICROSCAN is the premier standalone safety sensor system on the market, utilizing LASER technology to offer 100% coverage in all door states (fully open, fully closed, opening and closing).

Unique features of BEA’s LZR-MICROSCAN T include:

The MICROSCAN was developed and designed to take the headache out of safety sensor installation. To learn more about the MICROSCAN as well as its ease-of-installation, check out this video: BEA’s LZR-MICROSCAN T INSTALL

LZR-Microscan T - Stand-Alone, Door-Mounted, Swing Door Safety System

*Offer is valid August 1, 2018, through August 31, 2018. Cannot be applied to past orders placed before August 1, 2018. During checkout, enter Promo Code 131 under the promotion code field in order to receive the promotional price on LZRMICROSCAN1U and LZRMICROSCAN2U

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