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Revolver Classes


Quick Start Level 3 Training Program is designed to:

Quick Start Level 3 AAADM Certification Program is designed to:

                Visit the AAADM website to learn more about the AAADM Certification Program

2019 Quick Start Level 3 Classes

Image titleTuition Fees
Revolver Training - $725

AAADM Revolver - $250 
(payable to AAADM, see application form

To apply for a class:

Or download a Revolver Training Class / Revolver AAADM Certification application CLICK HERE, fill out the form, and mail, fax or email the application to:

                Mail:     Door Controls USA, Inc.
                               Attn: Ben Calhoun
                               321 VZ County Road 4500
                               Ben Wheeler, TX 75754
                Fax:        903-833-1020

 For more information, call 1-800-437-3667 ext. 166 or email

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