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Core Return Program

Cores Due
Anytime you purchase a rebuilt part from Door Controls USA, Inc. you will owe a core exchange back to us. We allow 3 months from the ship date of the parts for our customers to return any cores that are due. UPS return labels are provided by Door Controls USA at no cost to our customers to cover the expense of returning cores.

Core Due List is emailed to customers approximately every four weeks. This allows you to keep an eye on what cores are due and when they are due. Cores that are not returned by the due date are billed to your account at list price.

Past Due Cores
Past Due Cores are cores that have been invoiced to your account were not returned within the required 90 days. You can still return the core, pay the invoice or contact the core returns department for further assistance. Door Controls USA will credit a past due core charge invoice back to your account once the core has been received. The Past Due Core List is emailed to customers approximately every three weeks. 

Core Return Process

Place the core in the box you received the part in, place a copy of the packing list or a completed RGA form in the box, attach the provided UPS label on the box and drop it by UPS or call them for a pickup. When requesting a return label, please include company name and address that the return label will be sent from and the email address you want the return label sent.

Download RGA Form

Request a Return Label

Download instructions on 'Step by Step Guide on How to Return Products'

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